On this page you will find information regarding hotels and transportation. Note that all hotels listed below are maximum 10 minutes walking distance from the venue.


The closest airport is Göteborg Landvetter Airport ( https://www.swedavia.com/landvetter/ ). The distance from the airport to Jönköping is 120 kilometres. There are three major options for traveling to Jönköping.

Bus - By the company BusforYou/Vybus have an departure every 90 minutes to Jönköping. https://www.vybuss.com/#!/. The cost is 140-250 sek one way.

Taxi - The cost for a Taxi one way is 1500 sek for a car that takes up to 6 persons. Can be orded by https://taxijonkoping.se/

Rented car - Depending of size the price starts at 2500 sek Friday to Sunday for a car for four persons


If you have questions or need any further assistance with accommodation or transportation please dont hesitate to contact @mats almlöw