Welcome to Jönköping

Uppdaterat: 27 aug 2021

Jönköping is beautifully situated along the southern shore of Vättern with a closeness to nature. Here lies three larger lakes that tie together in the city where events and competitions are arranged in a nice environment. Rowing has a very central place, since the arena lies unique in the city centre in the lake Munksjön. This is also where several of our big events have been taking place, recently the EUC Rowing Championship in 2019. Jönköping vibrates of life all year round, here there is plenty of nature to experience, acclaimed restaurants to try out, outstanding views to be-hold and an exciting history to share.

Jönköping is a city with more than 140 000 inhabitants accompanied by three million yearly visitors. That is why we have more than 4000 hotel rooms and a varied selection of restaurants. All year, organizations and associations choose Jönköping as their venue – and we welcome them all.

For nature lovers and botanists, the region is a paradise with nature reserves, lovely views and one of Sweden's largest oak forests. If you are looking for hiking trails and charming country roads, this is where you will find it. The interest for food is great in the city and here you will find a variety of restaurants and cafés with different directions. Jönköping is a city where both nature life and city life are just around the corner.

The geographical standpoint makes it easy to access the city. While in the city there is many good and flexible ways of transportation. With the nature and beautiful lakes nearby the city center, many choose to bike or walk since most things are within walking distance.

The amazing nature, flexible and high quality meeting venues in different sizes, a varied selection of hotels and nearby activities - here is something for everyone. The history and local associations has a great impact on our way of life and our way of making business, a force that gets expressed through strong entrepreneurship and good collaborations. The first visit is usually not the last. Welcome to Jönköping!

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