Competition information

Event Age Classifications for European Championships and European Open

The age determination of the competitor for this competition will be their age on the day of competition, 31January 2022. 

Under 19: Under 19 rower shall not have attained the age of 19 by 31 January 2022

Under 23: Under 23 rower shall not have attained the age of 23 by 30 January 2022 

Masters: Age categories are determined by the rower's actual age on the day of competition, 31st January 2022. Competitors are not eligible to race in events designated for older or younger categories. 


The Age Classification for Swedish Championship events are determined by year of birth, not day of birth.


WR’s Rules of Racing Indoor Rowing Competition Regulations will be used to govern this 

event. For an indoor rowing event, no individual lightweight male rower may weigh more than 75 kg and no individual female rower may weigh more than 61.5 kg. Lightweight rowers shall be weighed wearing only their racing uniform on tested scales not less than one (1) hour and not more than two (2) hours before their first race of each lightweight event in which they are competing, each day of the competition. Lightweight competitors must pick up their Race cards before weighing in.  


The authority of ERC regarding anti-doping is set out in ERC's (WR’s) Statutes, Rules and Bye Laws and the World Anti-Doping Code and Regulations and includes the ability to implement in and out-of-competition drug testing and the biological passport.  

All participants must sign the ERC (WR) Rower’s Commitment Form/Event Release of Liability during online registration, which includes a clause on Anti-Doping, and may be subject to anti-doping testing at this year’s event. 

More information can be found at the following links:  

WR’s Anti-Doping Regulations: http://www.worldrowing.com/mm//Document/General/General/13/13/18/Appendix14-Antidoping201 8update_Neutral.pdf  

World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) Code:  


In Sweden is Antidoping Sverige the Swedish NADO in charge of control an all rowers may be subject to anti-doping testing at this year´s event.

Para Rowing

Athletes taking part in these events who have not yet been internationally classified may request to be classified in Jönköping the day prior to competition (28 January 2022). In order to do so, athletes must submit medical documentation to WR (links below). These documents must be submitted via the athlete’s National Federations using the WR Classification portal 45 days prior to classification, i.e. no later than 15 December 2022. Athletes and their Member Federations that submit documentation after this deadline will not be guaranteed a classification opportunity. 


If a Swedish para athlete is not able to be classified before the event, they will be able to enter the Swedish Para Rowing Indoor Challenge events, which do not require WR classification. 


Non-Swedish European Athletes who are not able to be classified would not be able to enter the para rowing events at the 2022 European Rowing Indoor Championships but they are welcome to take part in the Swedish Para Rowing Indoor Challenge . Please note that only physical impairment classification will be available at this event. Visually impaired athletes requiring a classification will need to follow the above process with regards to documentation and will be issued a temporary classification for this event if they are found to be eligible based on their documentation. For questions about international classification, please email classification@worldrowing.com